What players say

"Memories from #play14" is a collection of all the stories and experiences that the participants shared over the various Italian editions.

6th edition of #play14, 2022

Play14 Bologna 2023 

I wanted to take a moment to share my heartfelt thanks for the amazing event #play14 I just had the privilege to be a part of. 

To all my fellow Players, you made the event a blast!! 

Everyone's energy and passion was so contagious! I truly enjoyed all the conversations, laughs, challenges and moments I shared with each and every one of you. 

Lastly, high-five to myself for getting out of my comfort zone once again! Woohoo 

Play14 is now over, but it gifted me with newfound perspectives, a heart full of inspiration, and memories that will keep me smiling for days.

Can't wait to try out what I've learned and looking forward to the next one!

6th edition of #play14, 2023
Valeria Faraone

"The #play14 is a breath of fresh air that breaks the monotony of the office and transforms it into a playful space. 

After taking a few days to assimilate all the experiences I've had and to recover from the fatigue of days of activities, I'm here to share about my first Play 14, filled with expectations and good intentions, but surpassed by what I found. 

It's an "unconference" where each participant brings a piece of their lived experiences, in the form of games, and shares it with everyone who wants to be a part of it. 

In this event, I met many special people whom I would love to have as neighbors, so we could have coffee together every day and hear about their experiences and knowledge. Regardless, you are all close to my heart, and I hope to see you again next year.

6th edition of #play14, 2023
Riccardo Ciocci

#play14 is an unconference where energy, desire to learn and challenge yourself come together. It has been an opportunity for me to reunite with old friends, make new ones, step out of my comfort zone and explore new paths … or simply walk them with different shoes.

6th edition of #play14, 2023
Angelo Sala

"All good things come to an end"

(...do they?)

Back from #play14, three days of laughter and games, colored cross-contaminations and noisy talks, dice and cards, smiles and brains.

The proof that you can be terribly serious by not taking it too seriously.

6th edition of #play14, 2023
Giorgia Imbriani

Best (un)conference ever. So many beautiful people - in every single possible sense of the word.
I loved every moment there

6th edition of #play14, 2023
Damiano Salvi

Last weekend I attended my 1st #play14. I was expecting to learn a lot about serious gaming. While I did that, I also realized that the main learning I had was about myself.
There is nothing to win if not an opportunity to explore new formats. The only glory is the recognition of the participants in the workshop. Only expectation: for people to be ready to play. And learn. Then once out share their learning with the rest of the world. This in itself is special.

I thought that #play14 could have been a nice opportunity to learn a lot of activities hopefully useful for work. Find expert & passionate practitioners as teachers at a fraction of the cost of a more traditional comparably valuable course. Cherry on top: fabulous networking opportunities.

I knew that the Italian version was special. Because it is probably the largest in the world. Because it attracts people from all the paths of life: yes many Agilists but also clowns & actors & more. Because many friends who I had never met in person would have been there

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Arriving at the venue felt like a shock. 140 people is a lot. Immediately discomfort kicked in for me, the same I feel when in a new group of 4+ people, severely amplified by the fact that so many people seemed to know each other.
The amount of possibilities felt overwhelming. Sooo many choices. For someone who lives with FOMO like me that required extra focus. Tiring.

Luckily I had the option to attend as a Butterfly, which allowed me to do "zapping of activities" 

The fluid nature of the event meant that all my plans as a Graphic Facilitator just flopped. The only thing I managed to do was create a mediocre poster at the beginning of day 1 that barely anyone noticed.

It may sound like it was a tragedy for me. Instead it felt like an eye opening moment where I rediscovered my (cultural) roots & I found my (professional) tribe.

I want more #play14 & Italian culture. Separately and/or together.

6th edition of #play14, 2023
Francesco Bianchi

I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the amazing #Play14 event in Bologna, and it was an absolute blast! 

The event was a perfect blend of learning, networking, and, most importantly, fun! I had the chance to participate in engaging games, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking discussions that sparked new ideas and perspectives.

6th edition of #play14, 2023
Leonardo Allegrini

5th edition of #play14, 2022

Three intense days of useful and above all fun games, declined in many different meanings.  

Three days of meetings with people who are passionate about their work and capable of both involving and being involved. Three days of gratitude to those who presented and shared a part of this passion with everyone.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Federico Giolli

An unconference is a special event format because you never know what you are going to get and where you can, if you want, bring your input, experiment and even make mistakes. 
I also love it because of the conversations with unknown professionals, which start between sessions, in a casual and really natural way.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Piergiorgio Lovato

Training for self-improvement. 
Yesterday I've been playing for 12 hours continuously, thinking about how to take something to my work, to my team.

Getting into the game is so beneficial, it's HARD, but we cannot not DO IT.

I wish you to play more and more!!

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Alessandro Nanni

Three wonderful days at #play14

We made friends, we reasoned on ourselves and on group dynamics, we understood the essence of learning and we had a lot of fun.

As we used to do as children, we got involved, we set rules and we respected them, we created team and we grew up. 

We did everything through the game!

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Massimo Azzolini

Finally after two years of missed opportunities, I could attend this wonderful event.

Three days of Playing and Learning, in a big human environment and a beautiful location...

I leave with the power of intertwined relationships, of multiple activities and games to take to my office as soon as possible and with the joy in my heart.

And I leave also with the Masters' quote, which I believe will be precious to me and whoever I will meet: the "black belt" is a "white belt that never gave up"…at every level and in every context! 

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Silvia Faresin

It was a unique experience made of diversity, beauty, knowledge and structure (in its own way).

#play14 is a worldwide gathering of like-minded people who believe that playing is the best way to learn, share and be creative! For two and a half days, people with many different profiles and experiences are invited to share serious games & fun activities, experiences & tips, knowledge & insights, laughs & smiles. Everyone is welcome to join and play in order to develop facilitation skills, increase ability to embrace change and improve the capacity to innovate.

Special thanks goes to Agile Reloaded Italia for organising this crazy unconference full of stimuli and encounters.

See you soon!

- We believe in playfulness -

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Marta Mascheroni

Can we play "Tokyo train" ?

How about we play Sor-Riso instead?

Or "Fly to kanban"?

Why don't "Mind"?

We can also play "Funi" and the "PCM game"

No, let's go play "Welcome to Legoland"!

Man, maybe I do an individual coaching session: there are 4 available professionals for free! 

Ok, I'll go play "The Clinic"

It's only a part of the games presented #play14 Italy this year. 

130 people full of Playfulness.

An important moment for those who use games to learn and teach.

I also had great chats and listened to interesting thinking minds. 

I already got the ticket for the 2023 edition!

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Piergiorgio Lovato

I just came back from #play14 in Italy.

So great to be among 120+ playful enthusiasts with the Mission Impossible of bringing play into business!
I knew no-one when I arrived and left with many new friends.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Anthony Trahair (GB)

After almost 3 years I have just returned to #play14 Italia. It was my second #play14 of the year (the first one was organised by #play14 Madrid in June).

#play14 is games, knowledge, activities, experiences,  laughs & smiles. But above all, is generosity.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Manolo Lopez (ES)

During the trip and the conference we were confronted with all the unexpected and we fell from one surprise after another.

As the only Dutch in a very large Italian group, we were received very hospitably and welcome. This provided an extra experience to everything we learned and underpins the rules:

1. Whoever comes is the right people

2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

I have gained a lot of insight and learned about change, my own role, inspiring fun communication techniques and how you can best use them to involve people in the right way, while having much fun and an amazing time.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Jantine Berkelaar (NL) 

A weekend at #play14 together with more than 100 professionals who believe in the power of serious gaming.

An unconference which allows you to share, learn, test, reflect, enable new approaches and enjoy together with people who want to contribute in the (working) world's evolution. 

A light and deep experience of sharing, that I've never done before but I will surely do again.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Antonella Cipollone

Play14 is a non-conference where what need to happen happens and whoever comes is the right person!

To do what? To learn while having fun through play, with colleagues and educators, participating actively or as observers.

What happened? We enriched the "activator games" box ready to be proposed to companies and teams, who want to get involved and grow!

Reflections, iterations, retrospectives, feedback and so much fun!

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Paola Ferraio

A challenging weekend dedicated to the game, at #play14 Bologna.

From my point of you I feel really satisfied: I participated in my very first unconference and proposed my own version of Munchkin for a new serious game.

I literally got in the game. There was much more interest than I expected and I am really satisfied. 
I received several feedback to improve and propose a new version of this game.

Some people from the outside might think that we "just played", but this is how we got to know each other better and to meet in a different context from work.

If we would at least dwell on the dynamics that were generated, we would realise how many things can be learned starting from a game and how this makes us grow.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Massimo Weigert

  • Learning through experience
  • Better understand people, difficulties and dynamics
  • Take decision quickly

Those are some of the benefits of Serious Games during a business transformation.

Play14 will be a moment to learn and share how to play seriously!

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Alfredo Onorati

Best experience ever! #play14 through:

  • group dynamics
  • understanding of cognitive bias
  • liberating structures
  • taekwondo moves

I learnt that every game teaches us something and that “A black belt is a white belt who hasn't given up”

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Flavia Marzioli 

It is time to say that: "we got into the game", and the meanings are different: we focused on the game by involving ourselves fully in its methodologies, we faced our embarrassment by playing just like children do, we overcame our limitations by having fun, we learnt by playing, we shared experiences, games and lots of advices.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Fabio Iacchelli

I found the same creative strength in an event which allowed me to voraciously riappropriate of the instinctive will to be together and playing, drawing, improvising, looking deeply to each other and laughing with eyes.

Refreshing dew that doesn't disappear at first light but which continues quenching.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Angela Ferrulli

[I(N)TERACTIVITY with the P of #play14]

What is #play14?

It's a three-days unconference held once a year and organised according to the Open Space Technology structure, in a location surrounded by greenery. The main topic in improving the learning through anti-conventional interactive educational tools and techniques of facilitation and game, related to workplace topics and dynamics, with the aim of better understand them, learn them and gain greater awareness.

What did this edition mean to me??

  1. The outing with colleagues and friends with similar interests and the joy of bringing them together.
  2. The car trip with them.
  3. Shared food.
  4. Crazy stuff.
  5. Placing me in a spot of grass to show where I come from
  6. Bastianich's imitations.
  7. The strong hug of an old friend.
  8. Avoiding saying 3 or every multiple to the activity proposed by a nice participant.
  9. The team phases.
  10. The group democracy.
  11. Not giving me rules that don’t exist.
  12. Defending a friend during a workshop.
  13. Having a different point of view from another professional.
  14. Laughing out loud.
  15. My limits in team working.
  16. Feeling bad during a game.
  17. Accepting that something in my work depends neither on me nor the group but that.
  18. Throwing energy waves in a circle of unknown people.
  19. The strong connection with a particular participant.
  20. Playing like a child for the sheer pleasure of doing so.
  21. Coming back home with my colleagues.
  22. Thinking about how lucky I am to have savored and shared each of these moments.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Mattia Festa

A few days ago, I experienced for the first time a #play14 event or in a few words an unconference where everyone is invited to share and participate in serious games and fun activities.

I had no expectations as I did not know what an unconference was.

It has been a great moment of sharing, going out of my comfort zone and having much fun with my partners in crime.

I came home with the idea that playing/the game can be a powerful facilitator for learning, sharing and fostering understanding within a team.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Clotilde Perot

Being able to attend such a new and different kind of format was incredibly refreshing and energising: it made me think, it made me laugh and, overall, pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

Many times we forget to have fun while we’re busy at our jobs: #play14 was definitely a reminder that playing is a unique and essential tool to foster creativity, collaboration and success.

I’m so happy we did this!

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Luca Gironi

#play14 is an incredible event, impossible to tell only with words. You need to live it, test it under your skin, breath deeply and absorb it until the last drop, because once come back home,  all sensations and energies discharges will continue to take effect for days on end.
I've been there this year as well, for my fourth time since 2016.

#play14 always changes you for the better.

You face with mental models totally different from your own, you learn to negotiate, to collaborate for a common purpose, to communicate beyond language and personal skills.

#play14 is above interests, organisations and marketing.

#play14 is people playing and getting involved.

#play14 is a smiling-builder. 

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Irene Capatti

Participating in an event like #play14 is a way of reminding ourselves that we take ourselves too seriously and that playing and being able to have fun, regardless of age, is an important aspect of life, including professional life.

As adults, we too often forget the value of play, even as an educational and facilitative method.

We often forget that we actually know how to play.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Dimitri Favre

I've been to a wonderful unconference on serious gaming: #play14.
I now that blogging is not fancy anymore, which is why I only write three times a year. But this time it's worth it.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Giulio Bonanome

Last week I attended #play14: nice people, excellent organisation by Agile Reloaded, much food for thought, sharing and fun. In several moments we also talked about Lego serious play and how it can bring out in a powerful and surprising way what people think and especially what they fell emotionally, instinctively and deeply about a complex topic.

5th edition of #play14, 2022
Alessandra Cianchettini

4th edition of #play14, 2019

  • What role do gaming and serious gaming play in your professional activity?

They have a crucial role. First of all because my work is addictive as a game that I play myself. Then because the projects we are working on are based on the spontaneous involvement of people who, through the use of technological tools, manage to coordinate to give life to create forms of collective intelligence to pursue social goals. Finally, because coding uses the game to make the basics accessible and make them available to teachers from kindergarten..

  • What game will you bring to this year’s Play14?

It's a challenge, more than a game: I won't bring anything, but I’ll build a computer with everyone here.

  • Do you want to leave a message for participants in the next Play14?

Rules don't limit creativity, but exalt it.

4th edition of #play14, 2019
Alessandro Bogliolo
Full Professor of Computer Systems, author of texts and popular broadcasts on coding

  • What role do gaming and serious gaming play in your professional activity?

I believe (and I experience it myself) that you can emerge and get great results only if there is interest, fun, passion, a highly attractive element. For decades now I have been using  recreational and experiential tools within my classroom or consulting activities. They are living metaphors that involve and touch cognitive and emotional dimensions; those who, when they are allies, leave a trace.  

  • What game will you bring to this year’s Play14?

Games for team, to strengthen the team mindset and create collaborative synergies. We'r going to use tennis balls.

  • Do you want to leave a message for participants in the next Play14?

We are serious. You always have to find the right context to have fun. 

4th edition of #play14, 2019
Giovanna Giuffredi
Psychologist, Journalist, Master Certified Coach ICF

 Some thoughts also from us, the organizers, people of Agile Reloaded

For me, there are also other values that are perhaps more important: curiosity, creativity, cooperation and sympathy for others, values that we can first rediscover and then transmit through play.

This is how serious play helps us not to lose sight of what is important in life and to cultivate an intelligence that is also emotional, not exclusively rational. 

Beatrice Bottini

#play14 is beauty.
Beauty in rediscovering human contacts,
Beauty in rediscovering the value of playing and having fun.

Marta Ghislandi

Three days continuously surrounded by vibrant people: who are curious to learn and tireless in showing themselves, to improve themselves and others as a consequence.
A place where you can experience the importance of nurturing your inner child and the value of being able to do so, every day and in an healthy, genuine, stimulating working environment.

Giorgia Lattanzio

An event characterized by simplicity, inclusiveness and depth, that always manages to make leaps forward in terms of creativity, productivity and networking.

Marco Matera

We played games to train collaboration, improvisation, observation, listening and all those "soft" skills, that are essential to work in a pleasant, performing, people centered environment.

Stefano Marello