#play14 24

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What is #play14

#play14 is a non-conference on serious gaming, for people who believe that playing is the best way to learn new practices, discover different abilities and grow together!

For two and a half days, the Game is the main character and everyone is welcome to join!
People with different experience and backgrounds are invited to share knowledge, tips, competences and insights through serious games and creative activities.

Join us and become part of the community of #play14 Italy!

Memories from #play14

Do you want to know more about #play14 event?
Please, visit the international website www.play14.org


#play14 Italy is organized by Agile Reloaded, the Agile Coaching company in Italy.

Reloaded means “let's start again from the basics, from values and principles, to better adapt to the context we are living in", also using serious gaming as a tool.
For this reason, every year we organize #play14 Italy.