#play14 is a worldwide gathering of like-minded people who believe that playing is the best way to learn, share and be creative!

(Official #play14 website)

#play14 is born!

#play14 was born in Luxembourg in 2013, from the idea of four enterprising agilists, as a response to a shared feeling of frustration: the tickets for the long-awaited “play4agile” event ran out well in advance. Many were excluded, but unlike the rest of the people, the four agilists chose the path of creativity over that of despair.

Out of respect for the organisers of “play4agile”, the four made sure it would not be a problem to hold a similar event in Luxembourg. So, towards the end of 2013, they met in a bar in the capital of the namesake country and came up with #play14.

The event was officially launched on 14 March 2014 (hence, its name).

"Back then, we had no idea if it would work, of what it would eventually become, and that a couple of years later, #play14 would be present all around Europe. The rest is history…"

(The founders, from the official #play14.org website)

What is #play14

#play14 is a non-conference on serious gaming, for people who believe that playing is the best way to learn new practices, discover different abilities and grow together!

For two and a half days, the Game is the main character and everyone is welcome to join!
People with different experience and backgrounds are invited to share knowledge, tips, competences and insights through serious games and creative activities.

Unconference & marketplace

Un unconference is a conference that follows Open Space Technology where all attendees are also contributors.

During the morning marketplace, participants propose activities in order to jointly plan the day. There is no obligation to propose a game and you can be a participant in others' games. 

It’s up to the participants to make it a great and unforgettable event!

There are only two rules

The law of two feet. Any time you feel a session is not contributing to your learning, you are free to get up and move. That is, you are free to use your two feet and move from a session to another, according to your interests and involvement in the activity. 

Bumblebees and Butterflies. It doesn’t matter if you decide to stay or to leave a session: either way you will bring added value. As a bumblebees, you can fly from group to group and foster the cross-pollination of the discussions. As a butterfly, you can sit, relax and start interesting discussions with people sitting around.

…and four simple principles

Whoever comes is the right person. Take the chance to collaborate and play with people coming from different backgrounds.

Whenever it starts, it keeps going. As a participant, you can join a session in progress, with respect for people who have already started.

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. Be prepared to be surprised and welcome any feedback as a lesson learnt. 

What it’s over, it’s over. Every session will last 1 hour, in order to allow every activity to take place. Several spaces will be available: choose the right one for your session, as a facilitator or as a participant.

Drawings by Claudio Perrone

Our Manifesto

#play14 is and always will be

  • a place to share knowledge & practices more than a place to sell services & goods
  • open to all people or communities with an interest on learning with fun
  • focused on games & activities in the physical world more than in the virtual world
  • an unconference based on the Open Space Technology
  • non profit, which means that when we do make a profit on a given event, we reinvest everything into the next

Our code of conduct

  • You shall be open minded and ready to listen and learn from others
  • You shall feel free to propose, experiment and explain what you have in mind
  • You shall not high-jack, sabotage or ruin the learning experience of others
  • You shall manage your own timebox when facilitating so that other sessions can start on time
  • You shall behave appropriately and be a decent human being
  • You shall always leave the playground clean (boy scout rule), avoid waste and try to reduce your carbon footprint
  • You shall be ready to get serious fun and good laughs and should try not be shy about that

To summarize : "You shall not be an a**hole".

What will you learn?

  • Facilitation 85%
  • Innovation 70%
  • Change Management 60%
  • Happiness 90%

#Play 14 comes to Italy

The first Italian edition of #play14 dates back to 2016, proposed and organised by the Agile Reloaded team.

After having participated in and actively experienced the two previous editions held in Luxembourg, some reloaders thought it was a good idea to bring this new learning and sharing format to our country

The success was so surprising, that the event has become a fixed annual appointment.

Join us and become part of the community of #play14 Italy!

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